Helen Adeosun CEO of Careacademy

Meet Helen Adeosun the founder and CEO of CareAcademy

Helen Adeosun, age 35, is the CEO of digital training platform CareAcademy. Adeosun, the daughter of Nigerian immigrants and a former Teach for America volunteer, got a master’s in education policy at Harvard before founding her Boston-based business in 2013 in conjunction with Dr. Madhuri Reddy.

She stated in her official website that she started CareAcademy with a simple idea: to empower caregivers to learn how to deliver the best care to older adults with the support, guidance, and compassion needed to improve their quality of life.

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The aim is to make it easy for caregivers to “upskill” and continue their education over time to better serve clients and advance their careers. As a result Home Care agencies would have the skilled resources available to deliver better care, and better outcomes for their clients.

The startup which got $9.5 million in Series A funding from investors led by Impact America Fund today, provides home care agencies with a best-in-class online education platform that delivers engaging video-based classes and real world scenarios that walk through aspects of the caregiver experience.

Source: CareAcademy, fortune.com