Meet Nigerian Entrepreneur, Temitope Ogunsemo; Who Built A $3 Million EdTech Company

Nigerian-born Temitope Ogunsemo is the founder of Krystal Digital, a fast-growing EdTech company that focuses on the creation, development and deployment of modified and service-oriented software applications for educational institutions in Nigeria. They provide IT training as well.

Being an alumnus of Kings College, Lagos. Temitope Ogunsemo graduated from the prestigious University of Ibadan and also went ahead to obtain a Master of Science degree in Information Management Systems from the University of Salford, UK.

In 2010, however, he decided to answer his lifelong call to entrepreneurship. Which, in turn, heralded the birth of Krystal Digital. Today, Krystal Digital is one of the leading IT Companies in Nigeria with more than 150 employees and annual revenues of more than $3 million.

The idea for Krystal Digital was born by the difficulties experienced when Temitope attempted securing an academic transcript. This presented some problems prompting him to create solutions to the school’s subpar information management system. He sought to improve the storage and retrieval of academic records.

Temitope is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Integration and Business Development.

Temitope was named as one of Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs.

Krystal Digital’s unequaled strategy is in delivery of services using globally acceptable application development standards and project management methodologies and processes.

Founded in 2010 in Lagos, Krystal Digital’s flagship service, MySkool Portal, a web-based application for School Information Management System designed for proper storage and documentation of school data.

The idea was initiated when Temitope Ogunsemo attempted to secure his academic transcript. It was a difficult and frustrating experience. However, the difficulty in accessing a document as simple as a transcript presented him with a clear potential entrenched in the development of a School Information Management System that would not only improve the storage/preservation and retrieval of academic records but would also position these schools to harness the benefits of digitization.

The MySkool Portal Platform has currently been adopted by more than 50 Government-owned High schools in Nigeria, and has more than 65,000 active student users.

As the drive to actualize the transformation desired in Nigeria’s education sector becomes inevitable, Temitope Ogunsemo has invested up to $1 million building digital IT academies across various secondary schools across Nigeria, and is also working in partnership with Microsoft to teach Nigerian students Microsoft Professional Program courses.