Meet Nigerian real estate start-up founder, Obinna Okwodu; CEO of Fibre

Obinna Okwodu is a US-born Nigerian entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Fibre. Fibre is a Nigerian real estate start-up founded in 2016 to provide middle-income tenants flexible payment options for homes around Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Obinna graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied Civil Engineering. He lived in the United States and worked as an investment analyst with Morgan Stanley Investment Banks. Upon his return to Nigeria, he was hit hard by the reality of an average Nigerian’s struggle to pay the compulsory two-year rent upfront from their salary. He began to work on a solution having experienced how difficult it was finding the perfect house in sprawling cities like Lagos.

He discovered that renting residential real estates in Lagos, Nigeria could be a serious hassle. As a result, he invested in the business opportunity to offer services to ease the stress experienced by middle-income tenants.

Obinna is a go-getter with a passion for solving problems faced by the society. He was named one of Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs.

Obinna Okwodu is a 27 years old Nigerian with the mandate of offering solutions to provide young people with access to affordable and comfortable living options. To fulfill this mission he founded Fibre and in a short time has grown into one of the driving forces behind the remarkable growth in the modest network of real estate in Nigeria.

It was this mindset that inspired him to set up Fibre in 2016. It is not that he did not encounter challenges on the way. It was difficult luring landlords to enlist their properties on such a payment plan but they eased up when they saw the potentials of the business model. The plan became a huge hit such that last year Fibre made over 450 million in revenue for Lagos Island and its environs alone.

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