Nuel ojei

Nuel Ojei, The Nigerian Billionaire who started with nothing and attained a frontline position in all sectors of the economy

He is one investor with a very tall ambition. Discerning, methodical and astute, he braced all odds to attain a frontline position in all sectors of the economy in which he plays in, and he actually has his hands in many juicy areas. This is the story of Emmanuel Isichei Ugochukwu Ojei, Executive Chairman/Group Managing Director, Nuel Ojei Holdings

Interestingly, no matter from which perspective one decides to look at it, the fact remains that he is one Nigerian whose name fittingly personifies courage, vision, hardwork as well as sturdiness. He belongs to the category of rag to riches Nigerian entrepreneurs who started with nothing but walked their ways through the turbulent waters, breaking barriers to attain success.

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Nuel Ojei as he is fondly called,
has been able to build a conglomerate of sort, making him a major employer of labour and he is valued highly among the top richest Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, with an aggressive marketing and outstanding initiatives, Nuel Ojei’s group of companies whose scope of activities remain diverse and include construction, banking, importation, sales and services of choice motor vehicles, oil and gas, has remained a major beneficiary of juicy public and private sector contracts over the years.

Today, Dr. Emmanuel Isichei Ugochukwu Ojei is not just that entrepreneur noted for sales and services of the Mazda brand of automobiles only; he sits atop a group of company with diverse interests cutting across major lucrative sectors of the economy, all under the umbrella of Nuel Ojei Holdings (NOH).

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