Meet Osiobe Oghenekparobo, CEO Of Collorado Interiors, AbjDice and Md Blockchain Tech Hub

Mr Osiobe Oghenekparobo CEO of Collorado interiors, AbjDice and Managing director of Blockchain Tech Hub.

Mr. Osiobe Oghenekparobo was born on the 21st March 1987 to the family of Late chief Samuel Goji Osiobe in Ovwian in Udu local government of Delta State, Nigeria.

He attended Ovwian primary school in 1995 – 2001 where he obtained his first school leaving certificate, Attended Bethany Christian Academy, Ekosidi, Benin Edo state in 2001- 2006 where he obtained his SSCE certificate, He then proceeded to Delta State University where he read he bagged BSc, in Political Science in 2009 – 2014.

He has NAPE certificate in fundamental of Reservoir Engineering in oil and Gas Production (2012) from Petroleum training institute (P.T.I) Effurun, Delta State.

He has certificate in Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) from Osha Academy (2014), United States.

Growing up as a child was very challenging and a last born of the house and had a father who was very successful in business but later ran into financial crises which placed the family into financial crisis.

Osiobe Oghenekparobo as an entrepreneur who loves to live a good and happy life and having lived with an uncle and aunties who maltreated him and made him to learn the hard way to surviving, Osiobe has proved to be an outstanding entrepreneur.

He got involved in different hard labor like interior decoration, street carpenter, painting and roadside hustle. Even in all the hard life, he faced, Chief Osiobe Oghenekparobo will never give up upon life because he is fully convinced that success is sure for those who believe in themselves regardless the rich uncles around that can never help out.

Chief Osiobe was motivated by the things he sees around him, there was no direct mentor to coach him up but he has the inner zeal and spirit of success.

In 2011, Chief Osiobe recorded a huge success in of the hard jobs of doing interior decoration where he raised over 700, 000, got involved into major deals and oil and gas business where he made some good amount of money to start up his Interior Business in a bigger way.

Before the success in his company, he had massive failures while trying to set up his business and on that, he kept on trying and pushing harder to make sure his business does not die away.

Following the new trend in Blockchain technology and having seen the future that beholds cryptocurrencies, Osiobe Oghenekparobo Robor Founded ABJDICE, an online Casino website where users can play and earn good returns from Abjcoin playing the dice game online.

AbjCoin is the first African Blockchain solution to foster commerce and trade in Africa to the rest of the world and Osiobe Ogenekparobo is a major investor of this project.