Meet Chief Razak Okoya, Nigerian Billionaire who started with $20 as a tailor and became the chairman of Eleganza Group

The backbone of every ambition is resilience. It determines the degree of ones will to pursue dreams no matter what, break down barriers that stand in ones way, and ultimately embark on a journey to greatness.

While obvious obstacles could deter ones from achieving ones business and life goals, we must constantly strive to always keep moving.

The case of a tailor who against all odds, raised as little as £20 from his tailoring business, and went on to become a dollar multi-millionaire.

His name is Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, the 78 years old founder and CEO of the Eleganza group of companies which has a market spanning in Western Africa.

Despite being a tailor trained by his father, he wanted more as the drive to be successful kept on pushing him further. Thereby, venturing into trading as he imported goods for sales.

A time a lot of people weren’t ordering items directly from the manufacturers. The quick and encouraging orders and sales sent his business growth on a promising run and eventually helped him raise enough money to venture into manufacturing.

Today, the Eleganza group of companies today employs over 5,000 people and has multiple manufacturing subsidiaries in producing items like seats, shoes, jewelries, plastics, coolers, cutlery, ice chests, electric fans, cosmetics, pens, and a lot more.

His group also comprises of a multi-million dollar properties investment arm called RAO Property Investment Company, and is generally one of the largest conglomerates in Nigeria today.

In addition, a keen eye for opportunity is crucial for ultimate success, and Chief Razak
Akanni Okoya has shown beyond doubt that taking advantage of them early on and breaking the market price through manufacturing can lead to the big break any entrepreneur or visionary aspires towards.

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