samuel odeg

My dad has 20 children but I am the first and only graduate — Fresh graduate celebrates

A young man simply referred to as Sam Odeg has taken the social media to celebrate his victory as he emerges a graduate from the Department of Physics, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture.

According to Sam, he came from a family of 20 children and he’s the primary and only graduate within the family.


His post fully reads:

And the Lord has done it oh! The palmwine tapper’s son is now a graduate!

I have BROKEN that LIMIT in my family after 20 generations! The day is dawn for us! Yes, I broke that limit! I am a LIMIT BREAKER!

Someone should go tell my father that he’s got a graduate from his loins now! I have brought that “honour’ home!

Please tell my mother that her little boy broke that limit. She can now speak boldly in public!

Tell my siblings that their brother has got that degree for the family! It’s a big win for us all! Our season is here!

Please tell my Miss Grace (whosoever she is and wherever she might be) that the wait is over. The next phase now begins! Owambe esetiela!

Aaah! Thou God of all GRACE,
For all that You have done! For all that You are doing! For all that You will still do! Thank You Lord!!! Your little boy is grateful oh Nnam!

Please if you read to this point, pray for me. To that ‘congratulation’ you want to tell me, add words of prayer please. I’ve survived a lot. 😭 Biko just do it! What God did for my family, He will do much more for thee!

I am a certified Physicist! Yes, I bagged it, with honour!
Let the ministry begin…
Let purpose speak forth…
Let destiny be birthed…

Now, who has got a job for me? Who has that recommendation? Please tell someone to tell someone that Sam Odeg is done and can fit in perfectly for that position. I am proficient in words, efficient in delivery and competent in character. Just like Joseph in the Bible, with me in your midst, your company, organization or institution grows and expands!
I’m just a dial away! 07038556432!
God bless thee!