Nigeria records more than 41,000 flight delays

Nigeria, faced with the challenge of punctuality in airports, cancelled more than 700 national and international flights and recorded more than 41,000 delays in 2018.
The figures are awing and have cost the Nigerian economy hundreds of billions of dollars in losses. 734 flights to all destinations were cancelled and more than 41,000 delays were recorded between January and December 2018.
In addition, 41,498 pieces of luggage were found out of the 45,058 missing, according to the Consumer Protection Department of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
Armella Nga speaks to Chris Aligbe, an aviation expert from Lagos, Nigeria on this.
Congo: the challenge of foreign direct investment
Strong strategies to attract more investors is the Republic of Congo’s ambition to diversify its revenues.
With more than 9 billion US dollars in public debt in October 2017, or 110 per cent of its GDP, the Republic of Congo, which is still facing an economic crisis caused by the fall of oil prices, wants to diversify its economy.
The country is counting on the current context of a new rise in oil prices. To support a gradual recovery in its growth, future strategies were presented at the recent Vox Eco Forum in Brazzaville.

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