Oladele Ogbeyemi

Nigerian corps member uses wastes to redesigns Mazda car into a beautiful brand

Serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Oladele Ogbeyemi, redesigns a Mazda 323 car using scrap metals and other such wastes.

Ogbeyemi, graduated from the Yaba College of Technology, in Lagos, Nigeria. This design was achieved during the recent lockdown imposed by the country’s government due to the Corona pandemic.

The project cost him six months of his allowances as a youth corps member. And he expressed excitement in the completion of the project.

“As a present NYSC member, (LA/19C/11514), this project kept me busy during the lockdown. “My inspiration in creating this art piece is as a result of my passion for converting discarded materials into art,” he said.

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Ogbeyemi, took advantage of discarded materials that are a major cause of environmental pollution yet, “I have found a way to recycle and convert them into sculpted arts. “

Oladele Ogbeyemi
Oladele Ogbeyemi with his recreated car Credit: Facebook

Materials used was consist of scrap metal, plastics, spoilt generator parts, retired tools, etc and he refashioned the Mazda 323.

“Yet, this is just a glimpse of what I have inside of me.” The economic challenges faced during the lockdown made it difficult to achieve this feat. He revealed that the car almost went on fire several times during the processes of sculpting and welding.