Parkview Estate: The Home of the High and Mighty

As birds of the same feathers flock together, so also men with wealthy minds and great pockets relate closely together. Social stratification is evident in every society, and a lot of conditions differentiate the high and mighty from the low and struggling.

In Nigeria today, especially in Lagos one of the confirmations of a man being wealthy is the structure of his residential building in any of the highbrows areas. One of these areas is a luxurious suburb of Ikoyi, bordered by Gerrard Road and Banana Island called the Parkview Estate.

Basically, Parkview is a hybrid residential estate consisting of respected, high class and well behaved people. Ranging from Politicians, Entertainment Celebrities, Footballers, Business Expatriates, Entrepreneurs, to mention but a few. The Parkview Residents Association was founded in 1992 and was duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission at Abuja on the 28th of December 2006.

Interestingly, there are about 400 building in Parkview and more are still under construction. Inclusive inside this Estate are several hotels like Pearl Court Residence & Hotels, Parkview Astoria Hotel, Upperclass Suites, to mention but a few. The price of a plot of land here matches the value of some buildings outside this area, showing how expensive it is.

In addition, The Estate has an impressive trademark of a peaceful atmosphere and a structured Association put in place by residents to run it for the benefit of all.

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