Meet ”Patricia Poku-Diaby”, Ghana’s Richest Woman 2022.

Patricia Poku-Diaby, Ghana’s Richest Woman

When it comes to extremely wealthy business moguls, especially among Africans, women are rarely found at such levels of wealth. Wealth has always been a man’s domain.
With the rise of women in Ghana, there has been a significant social shift in wealth distribution. The beef is that “Patricia Poku-Diaby” is Ghana’s richest woman today.
Poku-Diaby’s fortune is self-made.
When she was young, she helped her family’s trading and transportation business.
Given the difficulties women face in Ghana, Patricia is a role model for young girls.

Patricia Poku-Diaby is currently Ghana’s richest woman. She’s been in charge for a while now. Her estimated wealth of $720 million places her among the top ten richest Ghanaians.
P. Poku-Diaby Patricia’s wealth empire is based on agriculture. She is the CEO of Plot Enterprise, a Ghanaian cocoa processing company.

Diaby’s wealth wings are wide, as she founded Plot Enterprise Group in Ivory Coast before launching Plot Enterprise Ghana in Ghana.
She also runs Plot Commodities.
Patricia’s businesses deal in everything from cocoa and cashew nuts to wood products.

Patricia Poku-Diaby’s family success is a business gene. She has cemented her place among the country’s filthy rich. Her lucrative companies helped her become the richest lady in 2020. Plot Enterprise Ghana now has its own cocoa grinding facility, completed in 2009.
Patricia’s $90 million Plant speaks volumes about her wealth. The cocoa plant processes at least 32,000 tons of cocoa per year.

For such massive production, the company employs at least 800 people.
The products are then exported to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the US, and Australia.
Patricia will be on the Ghana richest list in 2022 and beyond.
Women are still a blessing and a huge source of anchor in nation-building.
Her zeal and success in business inspire women and the entire Ghanaian people towards success.