Prof Jibril Aminu,Nigeria’s most versatile icon

If Experience ever had a child, definitely it should be the versatile and well accomplished Professor Aminu Jibril, whose name rings a bell in every sector of human endeavour.

Spanning across the medical world, investments, national and international politics, service to the nation, to mention but a few. Indeed this is a classic case of “ex-this” and “ex-that”, meaning a person who has held all manner of public office appointments.

Interestingly, the name of jibril Aminu evokes multiple, in fact, sometimes strikingly contrasting reactions from different people in the country. This is because in most of his public life, he was firm and never afraid of controversies, ever strong on his positions which are often well informed and based on strong convictions and vision. He was strong willed, forthright and intelligently defensive on whatever he saw as right, even if unpopular, he was called names, threatened and even victimised but he was never cowed.

Born on August 25, 1939 in Adamawa State, he was the Salary Accounts Clerk, Adamawa Local Authority, (1957-58), House Officer in University College Hospital, Ibadan, (1966), Senior House Officer, (1966-67), Clinical Assistant in Medicine, The Middlesex Hospital London, (1967-69), Clinical Research Fellow, The Medical Unit, The London Hospital Medical College, (1969-72), Consultant Physician, Government of the North-Eastern State, Nigeria, (1972-73), Lecturer/ Consultant in Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, (1973- 75) Senior Lecturer/Sub-Dean, Clinical Sciences, University College Ibadan, (1974-75), Secretary National Universities Commission Nigeria, in charge of the Planning, finance and Development of all Universities and Higher Education in Nigeria, (1975-79), Visiting Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington DC, USA, (1979-80), Head, Department of Medicine, University of Maiduguri, (1979-1995), Vice Chancellor University of Maiduguri, (1980- 85), Minister Federal Ministry of Education, (1985-89), Minister Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, (1989-92), President of the African Petroleum Producers Association (1991), President of the OPEC conference (1991–1992), Elected Delegate, The Nigerian National Constitution Conference, (1994-1995), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States of America, November (1999-2003), elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (2003-2011),

Conclusively, he is a definition of accomplishment, a success story that drops jaws and motivates the bones to keep the flag flying. Today, he has retired to a private life but not tired of sharing with the nation his experience, knowledge and wisdom. Professor Aminu Jibril, a man of success. A man of victory.

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