Real Madrid is worth $1.85 billion, Meet the top 10 most expensive Football Clubs in the world

In Africa, football remains a core part of human life and every weekend millions of people gather to watch their favourite teams play in their different leagues.

Prominent clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool and Arsenal enjoy massive support across the continent.

And doing an in-depth analysis on the richest clubs in the world based on assets and valuation, Spanish giant, Real Madrid, has been described as the world’s most valuable and strongest football brand in 2019, according to a report by Brand Finance.

The report lists Manchester United, Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City on the top five brands by revenue in the world.

Brand Finance, in its Football 50 study, uses fixed tangible assets (stadium, training ground), corporate brand sponsors and disclosed intangible assets (purchased players) to ascertain the value of the brand.

Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive football clubs in 2019:

10. Tottenham Hotspur F.C – value: $850 million

9. Arsenal – value: $993 million

8. Paris Saint German (PSG) – value: $1.03 billion

7. Chelsea – value: $1.09 billion

6. Liverpool – value: $1.34 billion

5. Manchester City – value: $1.41 billion

4. FC Bayern Munich – value: $1.47 billion

3. Barcelona – value: $1.56 billion

2. Manchester United – value: $1.65 billion

1. Real Madrid – value: $1.85 billion

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