Sure 5 ways to Avoid Fraudulent Vendors Online

Sure 5 ways to Avoid Fraudulent Vendors Online


Buying and selling online is no longer novel, as a matter of fact, it  is becoming the norm. Meanwhile more businesses will be taking up residence online after the COVID-19 global pandemic experience. It’s definitely good news to have platforms like, Fiverr, etc  as they have increased ease in business and paid services online; the fact remains that you get to access more products and services without the hassle associated with the leg work while trading online and everybody loves comfort. 

A large population of people buying and selling online are cautious, Even with the number of online vendors we have now , there is still the massive reportage of fraud and a lot of people getting duped of their hard earned money by “online vendors”. Unfortunately, this is bound to increase with the expected influx. So, how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

Here are 5 ways helps you identify a trustworthy online vendor. 

  • Asking for referrals: 

If you are looking for a trustworthy vendor online, a good place to start is by asking people who have gotten that same service or product . You would get an ear full about which site is legitimate and which is not. Asking people whom you trust their judgement is always a good step. But, maybe  you found an online vendor that has what you are looking for yourself and want to verify it. Arigo is a platform that makes it easiest to identify a trusted and verified brand or seller. Login to, Browse the company name, If found as a verified company. Go ahead and do business. You are covered.

  • Information :

Availability of information is a good sign that you are dealing with a reliable online vendor. Brand and businesses on go as far providing every detail including CAC registration details. The truth is that these scam and fraudulent businesses would withhold relevant information; like verifiable physical address and contact information. Make sure these information are available on their site. Also go through their policies (returns, damages and back orders). 

  • Check online reviews : 

Reviews are ways to know what other users have to say about their experiences. Make sure reviews are holistic and not too flowery as shop owners could be mischievous and put up self praise. It is possible for a vendor to get good reviews all through but, make sure the glitter is gold which is why google search reviews are somewhat not still reliable… Using Arigo’s review system is a great way to go, you could type in something like this into Google: platform name/vendor name+ scam or fraud or other variation that implies the same thing and you are sure to see whatever has been said but makes it less stressful. See the brand’s profiling and details on a click plus people’s review and comments on their services.  The beauty of the digital market is that when an unreliable vendor is called out online for compromise , it will always be there for users who do due diligence to see. 

  • Check for  previous clients :

When buying online another way to check for reliability is checking who has bought from them or who has used their services. Chances are if you recognize the names of one of their customers then they are good. How do you go about it? Since one Nigerians are getting familiar and conversant using Arigo, It wouldn’t be dramatic to find out a friend or sibling has made a review or comment about the vendor or brand on

  • Form a relationship :

I have already mentioned access information but an equally good way to know a reliable vendor is their open communication channel. They should be able to answer your question, send samples even if you have to pay for it. You could insist on a factory audit for large quantity transactions. Visiting physical premises can encourage trust and solidify relationships.

Going through all these processes might seem tedious and even these processes might not give you a hundred percent reason to trust a vendor. An easier way to verify an online vendor is finding one on a verifiable online market platform that scrutinizes and verifies their vendors before a virtual shop is given out  or they become registered as a vendor on their platform. walks every mile to certify and verify brands so you can shop several genuine & 100% authentic products without panic. So if a business isn’t on, It’s risky to buy from it online. Arigo is simply the trademark for trust on every business online

So what do do? creates the online community where businesses meet profiting opportunities. Puts what you want before you whether you offer to sell or to buy. Arigo puts your food in the presence of those whose favorite meal you prepared as a seller. Just wanna buy? Arigo provides you with verified brands who provide you with what you paid.