This Week’s Top 4 Google Searches Across Africa

Google Trends publishes the top searches for every day of the week and covers 4 African countries in which it sees the most activity, namely Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

The top search trends from along the week provide an interesting insight into the minds of each country, what captivated users the most and what they are showing the most interest in.

Here are this week top 4 Google searches across Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and SA:

“Agnes Tirop” – Kenya: 20K Searches

Two-time World Championship bronze medallist distance runner Agnes Tirop was found dead in her home on Wednesday. Kenyan police have said that the athlete was found to have been stabbed in the neck with a knife.

Currently, the police have arrested her husband in connection with the murder.

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“WhatsApp news” – Nigeria: 20K Searches

A collection of viral messages have been trending across the chats of WhatsApp users in Nigeria.

Many of the messages contain false information about WhatsApp. One message claims to be from the ‘founder’ of the chat service, “David D. Suretech,” who said that unless users pass on the message and pay a subscription they will be locked out of the platform.

This has prompted thousands of Nigerian WhatsApp users to see if there is any truth to the viral chain messages.

“El Gouna Film Festival” – Egypt: 100K Searches

A fire ripped through the red carpet area of one of Egypt’s premier film festivals mere hours before the expected opening ceremony.

Against all odds, the local civil defense force managed to contain the blaze and the show went on as planned with no injuries. Images of the fiery stage took to social media, and thousands flocked to Google to discover more.

“Bafana Bafana” – South Africa: 200K Searches

In a twist of fate, South Africa’s national football team trended for all the right reasons as Bafana Bafana found itself at the top of its group as the team fights towards qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Bafana Bafana’s recent success is in sharp contrast to many years of abject mediocrity which has reignited the Rainbow Nation’s hope for its soccer team.

Bafana’s remaining fixtures see them host Zimbabwe next month before traveling to Ghana to take on the Black Stars.