WhatsApp New Update Let you Block your “Last Seen” Status

Very important features are coming for WhatsApp! Recent updates reveal that WhatsApp is finally reworking a feature introduced several years ago: let’s discover what we’re talking about!.

Good news coming soon: WhatsApp is finally reworking on privacy settings, for both WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS!

In order to introduce what’s this feature, we need to explain how privacy settings were created and what’s the issue when using them.

Several years ago WhatsApp has implemented 3 privacy settings: Last Seen, Profile Picture, About. These settings allow you to decide who can see those data when interacting with you on WhatsApp. To manage these privacy settings, WhatsApp has implemented 3 options: Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.

This means that, if you didn’t want a specific contact could see your last seen, you had to set the privacy setting of your last seen to “Nobody”. Today WhatsApp is finally working to introduce another option called “My contacts except…”, so you can finally enable your last seen back, and you can disable it for specific contacts!


This screenshot is taken from WhatsApp for iOS, but WhatsApp will obviously introduce it on WhatsApp for Android too.

You can see “My contacts except” for last seen in this screenshot, but this also applies to other privacy settings as well, such as “profile picture” and “about”. Note that, if you disable your last seen for specific contacts, you won’t be able to see theirs.

This feature is under development, and we’re very excited to discover when WhatsApp is going to enable it for beta testers in a future update!

SOURCE: WaBetaInfo.com