Entrepreneurship studies in nigerian universities

Entrepreneurship study in Universities can be the key to reducing unemployment In Nigeria

Economic empowerment of citizens is the primary goal of any nation. It is a key way to ensure that individuals are empowered so as to lower the unemployment level. When graduates set up small businesses in application of their knowledge of entrepreneurship, it ensures prosperity and competitiveness.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very alarming as majority of young graduates in Nigeria usually remain unemployed for several years with no knowledge of available alternatives.

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To flatten the unemployment curve, entrepreneurship studies in universities can potentially help students to become well equipped to face the world of unemployment. This is in terms of having a compulsory course on Entrepreneurship Education while in the university and should cut across all disciplines in the university.

Although some institutions are already embarking on the empowerment journey but a number of them lack adequate funding from the government and so do not perform to their full potential.  Therefore. making it compulsory is not just enough, there should be adequate funding for the programme to ensure that the students involved gets the best they can out of these programmes.