Why FG Must Turn to Entrepreneurs for Economy Transformation

Why FG Must Turn to Entrepreneurs for Economy Transformation

President, Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence Innovation and Sustainability (IEEIS), Ngozi Ogoke has said it is high time the Government, youth and every Nigerian began to think and act like an entrepreneur in order to proffer solution to the country problems.

She maintained that it was the entrepreneurial mindset that brought about the production of vaccines from the developed world to combat Covid-19. Ogoke who made this submission during a Webinar titled ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Transforming Nigerian Economic Ecosystem’ said that entrepreneurs are not only critical thinkers but are the engines that drive an innovative and dynamic economy and as such, cultivating entrepreneurial activity can help turn around the long-term downward trends in new business creation.

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However, she stated that Nigeria entrepreneurs need to develop the mindset that will enable them to thrive in the midst of adversity adding that they need to learn how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, identify opportunities, and set a goal.

She said: ”Young Nigerians have to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset to enable them to solve the problem for humanity which is the identifying opportunity that subsequently leads to sustainable entrepreneurship and have a positive effect on the Nigeria economy and Africa as a whole.” In view of this, she said; ” The Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence

Innovation and Sustainability (IEEIS) and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative(ELI) the USA, have teamed up to provide professional development training for educators and impactful entrepreneurial mindset programs for their students, By training both educators and students with this mindset, the goal is to create an environment where young people see an opportunity to create positive change in Nigerian society,” she added.

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She charged the Nigeria Education sector to integrate entrepreneurship mindset into their curriculum adding that it is necessary to equip the young generation with the necessary skills to face the 21st-century skills. According to her, the program will inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking while immersing them in the process that will enable them to develop entrepreneurial skills.