Zidora celebrates six years

Zidora Celeberates Six Years of Exceptional Service Delivery

As Zidora celebrates six years of capacity building and foreign education placement.


The concept of an anniversary is beautiful; it’s a reminder of the journey so far, progress, challenges and breakthrough.

To start with, for six years now Zidora Consults has grown to become one of the foremost travel brands for foreign education placement and travel services. This indeed has translated to an identity, where young bright minds with goals and vision are given the pathway to the realization of their dreams.

It is not far fetching to say that, Zidora Consults via her impeccable services have produced hundreds of trailblazers who have achieved great things and watered well the pride of the country globally. Therefore, it is a thing of joy knowing that, students who have climbed through the shoulders of Zidora Consults, are all gainfully employed across the globe.

Indeed, it is not the amount of time we have that matters but the milestone achieved. With a well trained professional staff strength of over hundred workers, which spreads across the different branches in Nigeria and diaspora, Zidora Consults holds her clients in high esteem hence the motto “Our clients are our greatest assets”. Thus, the brand’s keenness for capacity building and potentials exploration can be said to be the foundation of foreign education placement services.

It is pertinent to note that for six years, Zidora Consults has ensured that every student who walks in, walks out with the pathway towards the actualization of their study dream and a priceless smiling face. Thus, can boast of an ocean-size number of doctors, engineers, economists, etc who passed through Zidora Consults and are making great strides in their various fields of endeavour globally.

Interestingly, Zidora Consults, a subsidiary of Zidora Group, over the years recruits and partners with foreign universities in giving African students foreign education and world-class experience. This has been how it is and this will be how it will always be.

Congratulations to Africa’s Premium Travel Company.