Zidora Review

The Zidora Group is a brand name with investments in travels and tours, foreign education placement, pharmaceuticals, real estate, E-commerce among others.

The Group which was incorporated few years ago, has made significant marks in each sphere of business interest. Looking back, the company started small with virtually nothing except the passion and earnest desire to succeed.

According to the CEO “My desire to succeed is greater than my fear of failure. Speaking about the services the company renders, he said that nothing is more fulfilling to be able to meet needs, solve problems, and be rewarded for doing that.

“What happened was that I saw a need in the travel industry. There were trust issues, many people were making a kill off other people’s desire for international travel.

We also saw a need when many parents who desire quality international education for their kids, fail to meet those needs and sometimes they are frustrated.

We simply found a way to go about these needs by helping people acheive their international travel and foreign education needs. As time went on, we discovered more problems and also found a way to go about solving them, hence expanding into other businesses”.

A few years down the line post incorporation, Zidora travels and tours has emerged as a major stakeholder in the travel industry.

With six offices across the country, Zidora Travels has assisted hundreds of Nigerians to secure undergraduate and post graduate admissions and pursue their desire for quality education abroad especially in specialized fields like Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Engineering, Law, among others, many of whom are practising, working and excelling across the globe.

There is no doubt that Zidora Travels is a trusted brand in international travels and foreign education placement, with the highest success rate.

With hundreds of successful internationally trained medical doctors, Engineers, including over 30 US trained medical doctors who realized their dreams through the assistance of Zidora travel.

Zidora is a brand that you can trust for your international travel services, foreign education placement, medical and maternity services.

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